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Lipzo  Construction provides professional and technical solutions to deliver safe, well‑executed, capital‑efficient engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects to clients around the world.


Our Mission

To satisfy our Customers by delivering PROJECTS, PRODUCTS and SERVICES on time. within budget, without compromising in HSE and Quality.


Our Vision

To become the leading EPCIC contractor in the Oil and Gas, Power and Infrastructure industries in Canada and beyond.


LIPZO Construction

We are a company committed to protecting the environment, now and in the future. Lipzo Construction continually integrates sustainability into its core functions, striving to conduct all operations in the safest, healthiest, and most environmentally responsible manner. Everyone at Lipzo Construction is dedicated to strictly adhering to both internal policies and applicable laws and regulations. Our staff training is frequently updated to minimise on-site accidents, work quickly on containing and repairing incidents when they occur, and always put safety and security at the fore. We integrate industry best practices into our job site routines for the well being of our clients, employees, and the general public. In accordance with all local, state, and federal laws, Lipzo Construction provides all authorities with an emergency preparedness guide for use should an incident occur at any site.


Our Commitment

Lipzo Construction is committed to the proactive engagement of communities where we operate. By building trust through open communication to understand the requirements of host communities, we can minimize conflict and effectively engage towards a positive resolution when issues arise.

At the start of each project, initial discussions are held with the client’s community affairs team to understand community-specific issues. A holistic community engagement program is then developed with clear objectives and goals to meet the client’s expectations for its community affairs program and the host communities. 

Lipzo Construction creates and maintains open communication channels to allow all stakeholders the opportunity to express concerns, promoting cooperation and dialogue throughout the life of the project.

Our methodology for community engagement is underpinned by the three I’s model: Identify, Inform, and Involve. Host communities relevant to our operations are identified, get informed about our operations to put out the information correctly and to manage the expectation and then get involved.


There is no phase of our operations or administration that is considered more important than preventing an accident. We aim to eliminate personal injury, property, and environmental damage on projects we execute by paying close attention to our health, safety, and environment (HSE) performance.
HSE is who we are. Lipzo Construction has fully integrated HSE guidelines in its business decisions, incorporating strict policies and procedures that mandate full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Everyone at Goaldy is responsible and empowered to observe, identify, and halt any unsafe actions before they happen. We also collaborate with our colleagues, clients, and suppliers to improve the HSE outcomes of our company and the industry.
The Lipzo Construction management and workforce complies with all applicable HSE laws and requirements and adheres to all industry standards. We have also implemented processes to ensure the security, protection, and health of Lipzo Construction personnel and property by preventing physical violence, misconduct, theft, sabotage, alcohol, and drug abuse. Goaldy Construction promotes a healthy and safe lifestyle for all employees.

Core Values


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, decisions, and outcomes, fostering an environment of transparency and integrity. Every team member is entrusted with a sense of responsibility towards our clients, partners, and the communities we serve. With unwavering dedication, we take ownership of our commitments, ensuring that every endeavor reflects our commitment to excellence. This value drives us to deliver results that resonate with reliability, professionalism, and the highest standards of ethical conduct


At Lipzo Construction, our oil and gas industry engineering, procurement, Civil construction, operation, and maintenance (EPCOM) services deliver projects on time, efficiently, and safely. With our talent, we provide a full range of services in the energy sector.

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